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A Practical Guide to your

Family's Gap Year


Are you a parent who dreams of taking your family away on a long holiday but needs help making it happen? 

Let this book be your guide!

This book will inspire you to move ahead with your family's travel plans.  It provides pages and pages of expert advice from well-travelled families that will make the gap year planning process less daunting and so exciting!

Just some of the questions addressed inside include: 

  • Is my child too young (or old) for this trip?

  • What are the range of trips I might consider?

  • Am I going to regret going away for so long? 

  • How can we afford this?

  • When is the right time to go?

  • Who will take care of the house and pets while we're away?

  • What if my kid is a little brat on the trip? Could that ruin the whole thing?

There's a lot to think about, isn't there? That's why this book is so essential. Peppered throughout are lessons from the author's extensive personal experiences, as well as words of wisdom from many other well-travelled families. 

Don't hesitate another minute. Grab your kids and go! Kids grow up so fast. Make every minute with them as precious as possible! Buy this book today and learn how!



Taryn Ash, her husband, Sam and two kids, Declan and Scout, put their traditional lives on hold to tour 12 countries on four continents over several months.

Together they camped atop a 4x4 through the Namibian desert, ate spicy cobra in Vietnam, taught English in Zimbabwe, and earned blisters on their hands restoring a medieval wall in France. 


They hunted for tropical shells with local children on a remote Philippine island, worked hands-on to rehabilitate monkeys and baboons in South Africa, and collected data on African wildlife for academic research.


They splashed their way through caves in New Zealand, practiced Buddhist chant with a monk in rural Laos, and learnt to kiteboard on the South China Sea, all while keeping up with their studies through a homeschooling curriculum Taryn 

(an accomplished curriculum designer and educator) developed.  And that's just the beginning! 


ISBN: 9781691239443


A Practical Guide for

World Schooling Families



This book is for adventurous families who know that the

best education

takes place experiencing the world,

not sitting in a classroom. 


This book is the ultimate step-by-step guide for travelling parents who want to know precisely how to teach history, geography, English (or any other language), math and science while having adventures around the world. 

Taryn Ash is an award-winning curriculum designer, former high school teacher and college lecturer who travelled around the globe with her family while homeschooling her two kids. 


"It was the best decision we ever made as parents.  It was rewarding, it was effective, and it was thoroughly enjoyable for every member of the family. We got more out of each place we visited because we added  worldschooling to the mix."

You will learn what tools to pack and how to seek out learning experiences on every beach and village you visit. You will find out how to develop engrossing study projects that children of all ages will treat as their holiday entertainment.  And, if needed, you will even be advised on how to communicate your travel plans to your children's school back home.


Although this book was written with the world traveller in mind, the principles could just as easily be applied by any homeschooling parent who appreciates the value of experiential learning.


While working hands-on to rehabilitate monkeys and tend to a wounded wild black rhino in South Africa, studying Buddhist meditation with a monk in rural Laos, and teaching English to children in Zimbabwe, Taryn's kids managed to complete a year's math curriculum in a third of the time normally required, write research articles on HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa, and essays on efforts to save a coral reef in remote Philippines.


While their family explored New Zealand by camper van, their kids learned extensively about black holes, thermal energy and seismology.


They danced with San Bush people, attended a Herero tribal wedding in Namibia, and did restoration work on an ancient house in France, all while working their ways through stacks of classic novels and non-fiction accounts of the places they were visiting. And that's just the beginning. 

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